About Us

The co-founders of A-Yachts Srdjan Popovic and Karlo Pahlic have over 35 years experience in the areas of boat management, yacht engineering, navigation, refit and more.
Their attention to detail and specialized knowledge in this niche industry will allow you to truly enjoy your yachting journey- whether it’s upgrading to a more luxurious boat, re-modelling the one you already have or simply selling your vessel.

Apart from the big things, the A-Yachts team will not miss the small things either  their hands-on approach and years of dealing with superyachts will ensure the most thorough evaluation and analysis of potential investments that need to be made.

The A-Yachts team guarantees a smooth acquisition from start to finish, leaving the client free to enjoy the pleasures of hassle-free ownership.
The A-Yachts  approach puts informed decision-making at your fingertips.


Srdjan studied nautical science and maritime transport technology at maritime university.

He started his yachting career in 2001. after working as navigational officer on merchant navy ships.

Working as captain and yacht manager for more than 20 years lead to wealth of knowledge, supervising refits and new building projects.

Through his long career Srdjan always aimed to invest in his knowledge and better understanding of the industry, taking part in many additional educational courses he always followed new trends and technology of yacht building.

Working so many years on yachts Srdjan developed a deep understanding of what different vessels had to offer - an invaluable insight which now helps him match clients with the perfect yacht for their needs.


Living on the island in Croatia Karlo is very connected to the sea and sea life.

He started sailing from the age of 5 in small dinghies and his passion for sailing is still something that connects him with the sea very closely.

Karlo started his career at the age of 22 after graduating from Maritime University as marine engineer. He was working on cargo and offshore ships where he gained his chief engineer unlimited license. He transferred to yachts working as chief engineer both on sailing and motor superyachts.

Maintaining, managing and supervising yachts are part of his daily job.

His experience in maintenance, supervising and technical management are key to help his clients to choose and maintain their boats at the highest standard.